You aren’t left UNSEEN

At Family Church, we’re reading through the book of Acts, and while there are lots of wild stories, what stands out to me is the targeted presence of the Holy Spirit. What I mean is that the Holy Spirit reveals Himself to people with such specificity. And that means three things:

  1. We are seen by God
  2. We are used by God
  3. We matter

Do you ever go about your week wondering if you deeply matter? 

When life gets so heavy, do you ever want to throw in the towel?

I’m going to be working on my personal relationship with Jesus, and I’d love for you to join me on our yoga mats to reflect on what matters n your life in the deepest sense. Yoga provides strength and stress relief, but our classes provide WORSHIP. And let’s remember together the hard, good truths that we’re seen and known by the infinite God, He uses even the smallest details of our lives, and we matter more than anything to Him. Hope to see you this week.

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