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  • You can play the wrong notes — it’s okay!

    You can play the wrong notes — it’s okay!

    We recently returned from a trip to Idaho, where I learned a few things: Don’t get me wrong… I found a hotel gym the size of a shoe box at one point in order to find peace and stress relief. Travel is exhausting, and my body needed that. But one of the sacred experiences was… Read more

  • WAIT! Just wait on the Lord.

    WAIT! Just wait on the Lord.

    Perhaps it’s overstated, but Michigan needs to get it together. It’s pretty costly on our mind and emotions (and therefore our bodies) to be cooped up for an extended period of time. And here we are, living among blooming, freezing tulips. We know the sun will warm us up soon, but when you’re waiting —… Read more

  • May & June 2023 Schedule

    May & June 2023 Schedule

    A few updates to the Root to Rise schedule in May and June: As always, we meet in the gym of the Family Church Ebenezer Campus at 5166 Ottagan Street in Holland. Hope to see you there! Read more

  • You aren’t left UNSEEN

    You aren’t left UNSEEN

    At Family Church, we’re reading through the book of Acts, and while there are lots of wild stories, what stands out to me is the targeted presence of the Holy Spirit. What I mean is that the Holy Spirit reveals Himself to people with such specificity. And that means three things: Do you ever go… Read more

  • Why is my mind so busy?

    Why is my mind so busy?

    One of the greatest benefits of the yoga classes I attended for the first time 12 years ago was the opportunity to stop in my tracks. Usually I’m full-speed. Probably one of the most difficult verses in the Bible for me is, “Cease striving and know that I am God” (Ps 46:10). Read more