You can play the wrong notes — it’s okay!

We recently returned from a trip to Idaho, where I learned a few things:

  1. God’s grandeur truly is overwhelming with indescribable beauty
  2. It’s appropriate to put a grilled peach on a hamburger
  3. It’s critical that Christians break bread together

Don’t get me wrong… I found a hotel gym the size of a shoe box at one point in order to find peace and stress relief. Travel is exhausting, and my body needed that. But one of the sacred experiences was to be invited to a Sabbath dinner. Uniquely, the family didn’t just sing together before dinner as some do, but did so without complaint and in four-part harmony!

Back home now, I’m assessing what my own song is to sound like. At my son’s orchestra concert last night, he said, “I barely got the notes.” But the reality is that he was surrounded by string instruments that beautifully filled the stage! As a 5th grader, his presence and motivation from the many high schoolers behind him is probably a greater takeaway than his perfectly strung notes. His existence and breath alone contain more grandeur than the hills and waterfalls of Idaho or any note on his cello.

Perhaps your family doesn’t gather weekly to bake homemade bread and sing with beauty and complexity. But your heavenly one does. We will someday make toasts, pass the trays, and know that we are forever dining with Jesus. 

I hope THIS SATURDAY MORNING works for you as you step away as if closer to your own waterfall, breathing as the music speaks truth to your heart. These yoga classes aren’t about yoga at all, are they? No. They are opportunities to be in community, acknowledge God’s grandeur, and ask for his help as we try to get our notes right.

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