Why is my mind so busy?

One of the greatest benefits of the yoga classes I attended for the first time 12 years ago was the opportunity to stop in my tracks. Usually I’m full-speed. Probably one of the most difficult verses in the Bible for me is, “Cease striving and know that I am God” (Ps 46:10).

I could break this verse down by word and understand its concepts deeply, but my yoga mat is truly one of the only places where I can say I cease striving. And because my classes incorporate worship, I connect so uniquely with God. I replace my buzzing thoughts, most of which I can do without in the first place, with acknowledging the presence of the all-knowing God. Therefore everything I feel, hear, and experience has a very rich impact not just on my yoga mat but also on my life. 

I hope that you find a place to cease striving. We’ve become really good fakers at seeming as if we’re awake, alert, focused, happy, or strong. And the list goes on. But we cannot fool God. He knows every micro-thought in our minds. And he wants to be at the center of our thoughts. And it’s incredible how the body responds when we do this collectively and in worship.

Quiet down so that you can pay attention: HE IS GOD. 

Thank goodness we are not.

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